We can assist you with your Prevent Risk Assessment


The Prevent Duty requires that as a basic starting point organisations must have an awareness and understanding of the risk of radicalisation in their area, institution or body. No organisation is risk free.

Educational establishments, local authorities and the health sector are expected to assess the risk of people being drawn into extremism or terrorism. Robust safeguarding policies should be in place to identify risks and take appropriate action.

Risk assessments include protocols for visiting speakers, IT policies to keep people safe from extremist material and details of staff training.

Organisations are expected to demonstrate a general understanding of risks and responsibilities under the Prevent Duty as well as a specific understanding of how to identify and support vulnerable individuals in their care. The risk of extremism will vary from area to area and is dependant on factors such as age.

Developing a risk assessment can be a daunting task but Tadris Consultants can assist you. Our specialist trainers hold certified risk assessment qualifications. We have successfully developed risk assessments for a range of organisations including local authorities, schools and colleges.

Please contact us for a consultation and ensure that your risk assessment is fit for purpose.