We tailor our sessions to meet your needs and we pride ourselves on delivering training that has an impact.

We offer a range of training options so please contact us to discuss your requirements. As a general guide, here is a sample of some of our prices:

Prevent Duty Training: £375 half day plus mileage (staff)


Knife Crime Awareness: £375 half day plus mileage (students) 

Drug Awareness: £375 plus mileage half day (students)

Prevent School Programme: £750 This half-day session is aimed at students and incorporates two keynote speakers, including a former extremist. It utilises workshops and presentations and covers issues such as bullying, hate crime, extremism, British values and critical thinking.

Prevent Conference: This is a full day conference for up to 100 attendees. It covers hate crime and the escalation towards extremism. A variety of inspirational keynote speakers will share their experiences of being victims or perpetrators of extremism. A powerful and emotive day. Please contact us for a quote.


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