Highlighting the dangers of knife crime


We offer bespoke training around the dangers of Knife Crime and give a unique insight on the reasons why young people carry knives. 

Being ex police officers we can also explain the law on carrying knives and the ramifications in being caught in public with such weapons.

We focus o the following:

- Why people carry knives and guns

- Gang Culture & Drugs

- What the law says about knife and gun crime

- The effects of knife and gun crime

 - Hate Crime and Racial discrimination

 - Radicalisation

 - Online influences

  - Conflict resolution

 - Critical Thinking

- Making Better Choices

We deliver training as part of the Your Choice programme who attend schools in the East Midlands area delivering talks and training to students on the dangers of carrying knives.

Our workshops explore the reasons why young people carry knives and all the dangers around knives. We enable young learners to develop key critical thinking skills in order for them to make better decisions and keep themselves safe. 

All our sessions are tailored to the group and we have run sessions with the most challenging children with excellent results.

Contact us to book one of our sessions.