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jason farmer

Jason grew up in the inner city area of Toxteth, Liverpool during the late 1970's and early 80's. He lived through a period of significant unrest and racial tension for the city which culminated in the Toxteth Riots.

He has worked with Northamptonshire Police in a variety of roles. The last being a Detective in Special Branch, in which he worked with vulnerable individuals that were showing the signs of being radicalised. 

He was the Force lead for Prevent and Channel and he initiated the Channel and the formation of the Channel Panel within the county.

He created the unique Prevent Schools Programme- a workshop for students which culminates in the testimony of a former extremist who talks to students about his journey in and out of the Far Right and how he was supported by Prevent. Jason has helped Prevent referrals who were involved with many types of extremism. He has first hand experience of the warning signs and vulnerabilities that can drive radicalisation.

Jason has delivered Prevent awareness training to all front line officers within Northamptonshire Police as well as key partners from the probation service, NHS, mental heath, education and Northamptonshire County Council. He is an accredited WRAP (Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent) facilitator.

In 2012 Jason received the High Sheriff's Award for building community trust and confidence. This involved helping members of a Far Right organisation- the very same group that had once made his own personal life so challenging.